Abbäs Business School

Nurturing Leaders Talent

Transformative learning to nurture leaders to tackle local and global issue by worldwide perspective.


Initiate Hybrid View:
Profit & Social Impact

Through research and consulting, grooms responsible leaders whose tackle social issues coherently as accelerate profit performances.

Core values

Where Leaders Learn

Consult wide perspective solutions with simplistic pragmatic ideas, embodied with Islamic values.

Our initiatives

Centres & Hub

Fauzi Rural Business Centre (RBC)

The Perwakilan Post
Worldclass Ummah

Main Instructors

Buya Dr H Afifi Fauzi Abbas, MA

Assoc Professor on Fiqh & Syariah
Chairman of Muhammadiyah Limapuluhkota
Board of Directors Darulfunun
Senate of IAIN Bukittinggi

Abdullah Arifianto, ST MT

PhD Candidate on Business Management National University of Malaysia (UKM)
Mechanical Engineering (BEng)
Product Development & Manufacturing (MEng)
Executive Chairman of Darulfunun

Visiting Instructors

Abdul Hadi Ridha, ST MM
Dr H Arman Husni, LC MA
Evan Azami, ST
Muhammad Teja, SPI MM
Dr Nor Anisa Arifin, MEng