Industrial Maturity Development Index: An Approach from Technology-driven Resources

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Abdullah A Afifi

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Dr Nor Anisa Arifin

Researcher on Fuel Cell Technology & Energy, UKM Malaysia.

Abdullah A Afifi, Nor Anisa Arifin, G Kiswanto

The need for measurement to identify the development stage of industries is crucial to compete and leverage on the industrial business environment. Most of the development processes in Indonesia is influenced and supported by regulatory practices by the authority, and many development plans were based on capital investment rather than stage by stage development which based on industrial ground capabilities. On the other side, the sustainability of industries can be tracked from the competitiveness of its processes, technical methods, and machines. This will lead to better efficiency of its processes which will affect the cost of the products or services and also improve the industrial performance. This paper tries to: (1) use a perspective where the industrial historical momentum can be seen as a benchmark of development stages and give alternatives to focus on technology-driven resources, (2) adopt simple measurement calculations that can be used for comparing one of the industries to another, and also can be used as a bench-marking stage of a group of industries, (3) explain how product specification was related to technical capabilities and how it can be used as competitiveness measurement.

January 2020

Conference: International Colloquium on Research Innovation & Social Entreprenurship (Ic-RISE) 2019

At: UKM Graduate School of Business