Vision & Mission

Inspiring Learning Society

Darul Funun El-Abbasiyah is a Waqf Endowment Foundation that focus on education, people welfare, and action based dakwah on Islamic values.

To be qualified institution that integrates science-technology-humanities and Islamic ethics towards moderate global society.

develop education quality, while giving education access to all society, and develop society based learning approach.
initiate local humanitarian activities with local supports.
initiate higher learning activities and research based values on global and local challenges.

Social Responsibility & Ethics
1. Respected The People
2. Uncompromising Integrity
3. Beneficial & Innovative

Core Values:
1. Islam – Knowledgeable about truth
2. Ihsan – Do goodness based on truth, amal shalih
3. Iman – Believe and do for the truth, Syahadah
4. Ishlah wa Mashlahah – Innovate and Beneficial

Basic Attitude:
1. Sidiq / Honesty & Truth full
2. Amanah ( Responsible & Trustworthy )
3. Tabligh ( Knowledgeable / Outreach / Enlighten )
4. Fathonah / (Open Minded / Inclusive / Wise )

Development Model
1. Massif
2. Intuitive
3. Global
4. Low Cost
5. Advance
6. Inclusive